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Save your time and money and don't rent through Willows on France. There was always an over flow of trash near the dumpster and in the yards. I know this is mostly tenant related. But a lot of the neighbors are disrespectful when it comes to cleanliness. There are always TVs, chairs, and beds out on the outside of the dumpster that don't get taken care of for weeks. I've hauled in a couple of these furniture pieces just so I don't have to stare at them anymore, but it's not my job. Parking is a nightmare, especially in the winter because they don't plow the lot adequately enough and therefore five or so parking spots per section disappear. J e s s i Joshi(the manager) puts up little notices about strict parking laws with guests and then doesn't enforce any of them on behalf of the normal tenants who end up getting screwed out of a spot.

The lights are always burned out near the back entrance to the apartment, and then inside so it was a little nerve wracking getting home at night. There have never been any incidences (at least to my knowledge when I occupied the place) so that set my mind at ease.

Maintenance is horrible. You put in a request, it never gets done. When I moved in there was a busted window, didn't get fixed for two months, so going through Minnesota pre-winter was fun. Our AC went out the following summer and wasn't fixed properly even by the time we moved out. When they did stop by to inspect it, they left all their trash and a weird oily grate on top of my clean clothes. Even the elevator in our building was out for 9 months. And the routine spring/winter inspections lasted for 2 weeks, from 9-5 and someone only showed up once in my two year stay. If you wanted something done, you had to do it yourself even though as part of your monthly rent you should be able to count on maintenance. And when you do have an emergency they are impossible to get ahold because the number we have in our WoF packet is wrong (it's probably been updated, at least I hope). I know there is only one maintenance guy, but you have what six buildings' Hire some more help.

I don't even know where to begin with J e s s i Joshi the manager, when she's in the office (office hours are 9-5) she is always rude! She's also never there...taking two hour lunch breaks, and constantly closing early. I guess she averages about 4 hours in the office on a good day, and you can't get ahold of her any other way. And forget about getting in there on the weekends. When you do talk to her about requests she says "it'll be done next week." Next week comes, and nothing. I have no problem if it's going to take 3 months to complete something, that is life, and I'm sure you have tons of other requests that need to be done. But please be honest and upfront, and say that it is going to take 3 months, don't keep telling me it'll be next week, and when it doesn't get done you get frustrated at the tenant for asking. Just do your job. You get paid to do it, so do it well. Stop being so lazy. You are not better than your tenants, and you need to know that. Also stop having your new husband bully people on these reviews. It's despicable and horribly unethical. I can't believe a management company (Equimax) would have someone like you as the WoF face of their company.

I was treated like this when I paid my rent on time (sometimes early) and was always nice when talking to J e s s i Joshi. She is not management material and needs to get the boot.

Overall, you'll have a nightmare with the so called management. This is not a place you want to live and call home for too long. Get out while you can, I did.

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Monetary Loss: $1000.

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With all the complaints, I am surprised that you are still there. Why don't you just move if it is so bad???


I lived at Willows on France for 3 of the greatest years of my life. While there Jessi was the manager and I had no problems with any maintenance issues or her not being around.

She was in the office whenever was posted. The only reason I moved out was because I got a job 45 minutes south of the twin cities and I have to live on property. Jessi is kind, caring, honest and has a HUGE heart. She truly cares about tenants and them being comfortable and happy.

If you want to email me for examples please feel free to.

My email is

Thanks and rent from WoF! It will be the best years of your life as it was mine!

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